Disco v0.2.0 is out

Last week when I was in Miami to speak at the SunshinePHP 2016 conference I took the time to prepare the version 0.2.0 release of our PHP DI container called Disco. This release features 2 important changes which I want to highlight in this blog post.

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Building applications with Symfony Console, Disco and box2

In the past few weeks I built a few cli applications with Symfony Console and Disco, the DI container we open sourced last year. I wanted to figure ouf if we run into issues with Disco that we need to work on. The main script looks like this:

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Using Doctrine, ramsey/uuid-doctrine and willdurand/Hateoas

Recently I experimented a bit with Doctrine ORM and the willdurand/Hateoas library to expose my Doctrine objects via an HATEOAS api which luckily is a fairly trivial thing to do. All you need to do is set up the Hateoas serializer and call the respective serialize() method passing your Doctrine object as well the serialization type:

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Increase the Speed of Reading XLSX Files

A few month ago, I wrote an article about some PHPExcel performance tweaks. Sadly we encountered some nasty memory exhaustion issues while reading big XLSX files with PHPExcel. The issues does not occur directly in PHPExcel, furthermore the current PHP process is killed in the SimpleXML/LibXml library execution silently, without any exception or error notification.

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Vagrant 1.8 supports Linked Clones

When browsing the Vagrant 1.8 Changelog file I realized that the latest Vagrant version supports Linked Clones which according to the Changelog means that imports during the vagrant up process will run much faster than before. Since it did not work out-of-the-box for me, I had to dig deep in the Vagrant documentation to figure out that you need to explicitly enable the feature. Simply add the following lines to your Vagrant configuration and your vagrant up command will probably run faster than ever:

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Vagrant 1.8 Upgrade Issues

Earlier this morning Mitchell Hashimoto released version 1.8 of Vagrant. I immediately upgraded and quickly hit a problem. After running vagrant up I got this error message:

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International PHP Conference 2016

Vom 29.05.2016 bis zum 02.07.2016 findet in Berlin die International PHP Conference 2016 statt. Ich freue mich, nach einer längeren Pause, wieder einmal als Sprecher eingeladen worden zu sein und meine Vorträge "Microservices: Klein aber oho!" und "Jenkins for PHP projects" halten zu dürfen.

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Using Prophiler with zend-expressive

A few weeks back we released a Prophiler PSR-7 middleware which we created during a hack session on Adroit, our little, clever ADR middleware implementation. I`d like to show you how to integrate the Prophiler middleware in a zend-expressive application. As it turns out this is super simple.

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PostgreSQL - Count() Performance Boost

Counting is a slow measure in Postgresql and it is even slower with a lot of data and complex statements. This issue is related with the kind of how the data consistency is implemented. As a result Postgresql must check the visiblity of all rows first and so it has to iterate over them all.

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