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Intrexx Process Looping

· 2 min read
Eduard Bunescu
Eduard Bunescu
Low Code Developer

Have you ever encountered an issue in Intrexx where most of your backend logic relies on event listeners, such as record insertion, updating, or deleting?

It's a valid approach, but sometimes you may find yourself restricted to calling backend processes via Generic Actions triggered with an AJAX call. In such cases, you might wonder how to send data to those event listeners without duplicating all the functionality in a single Groovy Script Action.

Let’s talk about easyCRM

· 4 min read

easyCRM is our newest cloud solution for customer data. With #easyCRM, everything revolves around your customers. It gets you started in #marketing, #sales, and #service, and helps you identify potential customers and plan activities. At the same time, your #customerdata can be maintained and serviced simultaneously in the system by all employees at any time. We took this opportunity to talk about this application with our project owner, Theodor Barca.

Let's talk about Intrexx (Part 2)

· 3 min read

An interview about the work of a Senior Intrexx project manager

Today we talk with our Senior Intrexx project manager Theodor Barca about the different areas that Intrexx can cover in a company, about the limits of this technology, and about the daily work of an Intrexx project manager. He will tell us how he first heard about this application and how it has steadily enriched his team's customer projects and workflow.