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Dockerizing GitLab Review Apps

Last year GitLab introduced the Review Apps feature. Review Apps are app environments that are created dynamically every time you push a new branch up to GitLab. As a bonus point the app environments are automatically deleted when the branch is deleted. Since we moved to using docker for quite a few of our projects I was keen on figuring out how to combine Docker and the GitLab Review Apps functionality as the documentation only mentions NGINX as a way to run Review Apps. As it turns out, it is rather simple to deploy docker containers as a Review App.

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Using Let's Encrypt with Traefik

A few months back I was looking for a HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer to put in front of our Docker setup. By accident I came across traefik. I deployed it on one of our internal servers and it worked out-of-the box. Recently we configured a Docker setup for one of our clients and I picked traefik again. Since this setup will host some public instances the customer demanded SSL encryption. Luckily traefik comes with support for Let's Encrypt built in. I added the needed configuration to the traefik configuration file:

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Running a private Docker registry with Nexus 3

For quite a while I am looking for a private Docker registry server which is easy to set-up and fairly trivial to run in our IT infrastructure, e.g. being able to connect to our central LDAP server for user management. A few months back I realized that the next major version of Nexus will be able to host docker images. Since we already have a nexus instance running this seemed like a natural fit for us. Finally I found some time to play with the current M7 release which already offers the docker registry feature. 

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