Improving your Disco configuration

Last week we open-sourced our DI container called Disco (Dependency Injection Container). The general feedback on Twitter was really good, especially since we decided to go down the "Annotation" route which a lot of people do not really like (me included). Relying on a single class for the configuration seems a bit limited but traits will come in pretty handy. Let me show you what I mean.

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DevOps Rhein-Neckar Meetup

Am Mittwoch den 18.11.2015 trifft sich die DevOps Rhein-Neckar Usergroup bei uns. Ich werde bei dem Meetup meinen Vortrag "From Vagrant To Production" halten. Anmeldungen bitte auf der entsprechenden Seite vornehmen. Danke!

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Disco - An container-Interop compatible DI container

For years I speak at conferences about Dependency Injection. 5 years ago at pfCongres 2010, I started my speaking career with talking about Dependency Injection in the real world. Today, 5 years later am I am finally able to push our own implementation to Github. This is a completely different version compared to what I talked about 5 years ago but still it might be useful for some of you.

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Symfony Usergroup Frankfurt

Am Donnerstag den 26.11.2015 trifft sich die Symfony Usergroup Frankfurt zum ersten Mal bei der Cocomore AG in Frankfurt. Ich freue mich dabei zu sein und werde meinen Vortrag "Composer im Unternehmensalltag" zu präsentieren.

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Container-Interop support for Prophiler

The Container-Interop project tries to "identify and standardize features in container objects (service locators, dependency injection containers, etc.) to achieve interoperability". This hopefully will lead to a new PSR some day. Being a fan of Prophiler which is a PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar, I thought it would be cool to display all the calls to the get() and has() methods exposed by the Container Interop project, see the ContainerInterface.

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Mobile Emulation in ChromeDriver

As it turns out there are not many options when it comes to running a Selenium node on a mobile device. So far seems the best solution but it never really worked in our Selenium infrastructure, so I was looking for an alternative and came across this website which shows how to use the Mobile Emulation feature of Chrome via Selenium. And this is how it works. Either define the name of the Mobile device as it is defined in Chrome:

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The Composer Path Repository

Last week I gave my Composer for corporate use presentation at the code.talks 15 conference im Hamburg. In the section of my talk where I highlight how to work on multiple packages the same time (e.g. two applications sharing the same core functionality) I pointed to the audience to path repository feature of Composer. Unfortunately right after my session I began to realize that this is indeed the best feature we have out there when it comes to working on multiple packages the same time and to avoid the Satis or ToranProxy round trip. This is how it works: Add the following lines to your root composer.json file:

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Configure Neo4J with Puppet

By starting a new project our team assembled a lightweight architecture application with the usage focused on Neo4J, a graph-based database. This is the first time we using a graph-based database and it was the first time to build up an automatic deployment process to install and configure the database.

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Sorting Custom Types in Sculpin

Recently I played around with Sculpin. Pretty quickly I ran into an issue: I created a custom data type called events and wanted to sort the events by date. It seemed not possible as I could not figure out how to influcence the sorting order in my twig template. By accident I came accross this issue on gihub in which Beau Simensen explains how to influence the sorting of the records. In a nutshell this is how it works: Create a file app/config/sculpin_services.yml:

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