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Techradar 2024 update

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

One year ago, we shared our initial Techradar version with you. Today, it is time for an update and to highlight what has changed.

The Techradar gives us an objective assessment of our technology portfolio, which includes 4 key focus areas: Languages & Frameworks, Methods & Patterns, Tools, and Platforms & Operations.

In the "Languages & Frameworks" quadrant, the following changes occurred:

  • We added Gally, HCL Commerce Cloud, and HCL Volt MX as new solutions
  • Sulu CMS, Sylius, and FrankenPHP have been moved to Adopt
  • Roadrunner is on hold as FrankenPHP proved to be a more interesting option for us

In the "Tools" quadrant, the following changes happened:

  • DDEV has been moved to the Adopt state
  • prooph Board is introduced as a new tool
  • We are evaluating JetBrains AI in our pro-code teams

In the "Platforms & Operations" quadrant, the following changes took place:

  • We are introducing Hashicorp Boundary as a new tool to manage access based on user identity
  • We are testing SeaweedFS as distributed filesystem and object store for our Nomad cluster