Silex and the TranslationServiceProvider and some Composer magic

Silex and the TranslationServiceProvider and some Composer magic

First time I am toying with Silex and the Symfony components. To demo an application for one of our customers we quickly set-up Silex and put a small application on top. Since the application was in need for a I18N solution I threw in the TranslationServiceProvider. The documentation of Silex states that "you can simply clone the whole Symfony2 into vendor" which did not make any sense to me. Why using a micro-framework when I have to have Symfony2 installed just for the translation part? I was looking for a alternative and remembered Composer. Composer is a tool written in PHP that helps you manage your project or libraries' dependencies. Luckily the Symfony2 components are using Composer so we can easily install the required dependencies like this:

1. Add a file called composer.json in the root of your project. The content of the file should look like this:

"require": {
"symfony/translation": "*",
"symfony/config": "*",
"symfony/yaml": "*",

2. Install composer and run the install task and you are done. Is is quite handy as well:

php composer.phar install

Composer will now run, fetch the dependencies from the site and installs them in a local directory. After that just include the autoloader.php file which was also generated by Composer for you and you are done.

Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 01.03.2012

Tags: Allgemein, PHP, Symfony

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