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phpstan-magento 0.24.0 released!

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

It has taken a while but finally, our phpstan-magento extension for PHPStan got a new release.

The latest release is compatible with PHPStan 1.8.x and also runs with Magento 2.4.5 which was released earlier this week.

If you want to install the extension in an existing Magento application, you might need to upgrade to PHPStan 1.8 first by running the following command:

composer.phar require --dev phpstan/phpstan

Once you have updated PHPStan, you can install the extension by running this command:

composer.phar require --dev bitexpert/phpstan-magento

To make PHPStan aware of the extension, the best is to also install the phpstan/extension-installer package which will autodetect any PHPStan extension automatically and register it with PHPStan:

composer.phar require --dev phpstan/extension-installer

To have a look at what the extension can do for you, check the docs in the GitHub repository.

And finally, thanks to all users of the extension. Up to this day, we have about 475K downloads with roughly 900 - 1000 installations per day. This is crazy!

phpstan-magento download stats