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Why is bitExpert blogging?

· 3 min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

I can't really recall when we started blogging initially, but we rebooted the bitExpert back in October of 2006, and ever since we migrated all content to newer blogging platforms. Back in the days we used b2evolution as blogging platform, moved to Wordpress, moved to Silverstripe Blog, and finally last year transitioned to Docusaurus.

bitExpert was founded in 2003 and in the early 2000's publishing blog posts to share ideas and thoughts with peers was a thing. Since bitExpert is a very tech-focused company, I felt we should join in and share what tools we use and how we do things internally and in our customer projects.

Besides that - personally, for me - our blog evolved into a kind of knowledge database. Whenever I run into a "problem" or an unexpected situation, I try to share my learnings with others. I am a firm believer in "sharing is caring" which is not only reflected in my blog posts but also in my conference talks or the events I organize (e.g. PHP Meetup Frankfurt, PHP Meetup Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar, unKonf, ...). And I am happy that some of our employees feel the same and occasionally also share their ideas.

But to be honest, our blog is more than a knowledge database. It also helps our recruiting activities and supports our marketing & sales activities with proof that we know what we are doing. In the end, the whole of bitExpert wins :)

Blogging regularly for such a long time is not an easy task. We had times where we haven't blogged much, picked up the pace again and slowed down afterward again. End of 2021, I realized that we had only published 1 blog post the whole year. I realized that (search) traffic massively declined, and I decided to change that. I set the goal for myself to publish (at least) 1 blog post per week for an entire year. I haven't told anyone about this as I did not want to stress anyone writing blog posts. Initially, it was hard, and I was quite stressed about this. After a while, I got used to writing regularly and had many ideas about what to write. Thanks to the help of my awesome team, we managed to meet my goal by the end of 2022, and I decided to continue the challenge for 2023. And here we are now :)

But is that all worth it? I think so, yes. Since starting the blogging streak almost 2 years ago, we've increased the (search) traffic quite a bit. Before starting this intense blogging journey, our blog was ranked at about position 35 and now we are down now to position 20.

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Let's see where this path will lead us...