Solving conflicts in Magento's config.php

Solving conflicts in Magento's config.php

Sometimes you run into this situation when a git pull will responds with `Merge conflict in config.php`. How to solve this issue in a proper way? Let's have a look how other people solve similar issues, namely my friend Mr. Rafael Dohms. Quite a while ago he blogged about a similar problem on how to solve conflicts in Composer's lock file. This is what I learned from his blog post:

First get the other developers changes:

$ git checkout origin/master -- app/etc/config.php

Replace origin/master with whatever remote and branch you are pulling from. Then simply replay your changes on top of this, like:

$ bin/magento setup:upgrade

Problem solved :)

Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 05.09.2018

Tags: Magento, Magento2, Composer, git

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