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Let's talk about Intrexx

· 4 min read

An interview about the work of a Senior Intrexx developer

Today we talk with our Senior Intrexx developer and Intrexx chapter lead Alexandra Fodorean about the Intrexx platform. She tells us why she chose Intrexx as her predominant development environment, what she particularly appreciates about it, and how daily work with it is so much more fun.

Hello Alexandra, great to talk to you about Intrexx today.

1. When did you first hear about the platform?

The first time I heard about this concept of a low-code platform and Intrexx was in 2015 during a job interview. I think that it was innovative, interesting, and challenging because the company that took me the interview was the first company in Romania that wanted to develop applications in Intrexx.

2. What has been your experience working with a low-code platform?

From my experience, Intrexx offers speed and agility in the development of web applications. External classes can be integrated through the Java openness of the platform and individual development is possible. The supplied Groovy APIs and JavaScript APIs are powerful and deliver high performance. So, these three integrated programming languages, Groovy, JavaScript, and Velocity, work perfectly together. Thanks to all these APIs it allows the use of all popular development methods. The process is modular and allows to quickly map and automate the business logic, processes, and workflows.

3. What do you like most about working with Intrexx?

It is a lot of fun to develop applications in Intrexx. Why? Because it is always a pleasure to see the customer marvel at how quickly the features can be implemented and to see a quick result. I can only recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile environment with low code. It is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. I highly recommend it!

4. Are there challenges and learnings when working with Intrexx?

The documentation could sometimes be a bit more detailed. The available information is a bit sparse, so we have to look into the internal forum. There may be a problem with the language, as most of the questions and answers are in German and not in English. It is a bit difficult to find an answer to your issue this way. This is one of the reasons I have started to learn German. I am very impressed with the variety and possibilities that Intrexx offers, so I can always learn something new.

5. As a developer, what do you appreciate about Intrexx?

This platform is under constant development, so new features are released at regular intervals. They offer support, so there is always a way to ask them for help directly. You can create a ticket in their support system and they will resolve it or you can also arrange a call or a meeting. This is great because we mostly work remotely, so it's not location-dependent. The platform itself is very goal-oriented and delivers fast results to both the developer and the customer. This allows for effective and early visualization throughout the project. It's really fun to work this way.

6. How do you think Intrexx improves the project process for you and your team?

Intrexx is very fast to set up and easy to create responsive multilingual web-based applications with it. It is possible to create very simple applications without programming skills, but also very complex and sophisticated applications created by software developers.

7. How do you find the onboarding process for a Junior developer?

Very good! I find the onboarding process quite simple now. United Planet partners have access to Intrexx Academy, which provides video materials, pdf documentation, and a lot of useful information. The documentation is in both English and German. They have a support team and of course, we as the bitExpert team can also help with training and materials. There are two certifications, one for Intrexx Basic Developer and one for Intrexx Advanced Developer. After working through the functional material and completing all the theoretical and practical exercises, you have the option to take the exam. It is divided into two parts. The first part is a questionnaire and the second is a practical test where you have to create an application from scratch and fulfill as much of the requirements list as possible.

8. What activities/tasks motivate you in your current job?

I'm a very self-motivated person, but I enjoy relationship-building and leading the team. I find it rewarding helping to spur the team on to succeed. I like also to come up with creative ideas to improve processes and find ways to solve problems or create something new.

Thank you for this great interview, Alexandra!

We wish you continued fun and success in your work with Intrexx.