Announcing Disco 0.6.0

Announcing Disco 0.6.0

Beginning of this week I was finally able to release a new version of Disco which comes with one major change besides from the fact that I rewrote the generator logic for the bean methods and fix a few edge-case issues in the bean creation process.

In previous versions of Disco, when using traits in your configuration class the annotations used within a trait would not always be evaluated correctly. As is turns out Doctrine Annotations - the CachedReader to be precise - had some issues with traits. Even though these issues got fixed, I decided to remove the usage of the CachedReader and to get rid of the doctrine/cache dependency. This means you are no longer able to configure a cache implementation via the BeanFactoryConfiguration class but the issues with annotations in traits are gone. Win!

Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 09.11.2016

Tags: PHP, Disco, DI, IOC

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