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Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

Inspired by Ben Ramsey's blog post I thought I should share my PHP story as well. I discovered PHP in late 1999. Back then I was looking for an alternative to Perl which I used back in those days to "hack" smallish web applications. I did not really like the syntax of Perl (sorry) and it was always hard to debug on most web hosts. By accident I found PHP and loved it, well in fact I still do love it. I used PHP in 2001 in my first job where I had to develop a web-based DNS management system which was the biggest project for me back in those days.

PHP was and still is one of the foundations of my second company bitExpert founded almost 12 years ago where most of our today's projects are developed with PHP. I am not sure if I would have gone this route if I hadn't discovered PHP and fell in the love with the language and the super-awesome community behind it. Thank you PHP!