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Web Developer Conference 2018

· One min read
Hagen Morano
Specialist Software Developer

This years Web Developer Conference took place in Hotel Novotel in Munich City. The main topics covered PWAs, WebAssembly and Angular.

The keynote from Christian Liebel covered not only best practices for Progressive Web Apps but also showed the possibilities of WebAssembly. His demonstration of the versatile possibilities WebAssembly provides (e.g. graphically demanding games or running windows 2000 in a browser) was pretty impressive. The following talks from Peter Kröner, Steffen Jahr, Marco Otte-Witte, Mahdy AbdelAziz, Christian Liebel and Sebastian Springer covered the diverse fields of application and best practices for PWAs, the new Payment Request API and especially dealt with the possibilities of Service Workers.

The other track treated various Angular topics like i18n, forms, testing and component libraries. All in all, the WDC 2018 offered great insights in PWAs but could have been more versatile.