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Announcing Adrenaline v0.1.0

In the course of polishing the Adroit v.0.4.0 release we realized that it would totally make sense to turn Adroit into an own separate (micro) web framework to be able to set up projects quickly. Whilst the focus of Adroit was to provide a PSR-7 compatible middleware for ADR we came up with the idea to create a separate package which we named Adrenaline.

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Eintrag von Peter Hildenbrand am 15.07.2016

Announcing Adroit v0.4.0

Over the course of the last few months we worked hard to improve our Adroit middleware. The result is the recently released version v0.4.0 which turned Adroit into a "real" ADR / PSR-7 middleware. We extracted the routing component into a separate package called Pathfinder and splitted "monolithic" middleware into smaller components. In addition to that we introduced the concept of several hooks to be able to add "custom logic" in between the execution of the different steps in the ADR workflow.

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Eintrag von Peter Hildenbrand am 12.07.2016

Adroit - the ADR/PSR7 middleware

In the course of pushing a few of our "internal" components to the public, it is about time to release the current version of Adroit which is our "smart" (pun intended) ADR/PSR-7 middleware implementation.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 18.11.2015

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