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Sponsoring Symfony 6.2 development

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

Since we are using Open-Source solutions in our daily business, we contribute to Open-Source projects and maintain our own set of Open-Source tools. Our employees can use their Learn&Grow time budget to contribute to any Open-Source project they like.

Besides contributing to Open-Source through code, we decided this year to start sponsoring projects we actively use. We stepped up to sponsor the development of the Symfony Workflow component. The component provides tools for managing a workflow or finite state machine.

Contributing to Open-Source is not the only thing we do. Also, we actively support the software development community by organizing meetups like the PHP UG Frankfurt Meetup or the PHP UG Metrolpolregion Rhein-Neckar Meetup. Regularly we provide our office space for local meetup gatherings and had a lot of fun hosting the PHPUnit Code Sprint back in 2019.

Our signature event is unKonf an unconference focussing on web development & software development topics. What started as an event for the local Rhein-Neckar software development community escalated quickly and over the last years we had attendees from all over Germany and nearby countries visiting our event.