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My SyliusCon 2023 review

· 3 min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

Last week I traveled to Poznań, Poland to speak at SyliusCon 2023 about the Gally connector we've built for our partner Gally.

The conference was split into three tracks, one track covering business topics and two tracks for technical Sylius sessions as well as some related technologies (e.g. Sulu CMS). From my point of view, it was a good mix of sessions covering many different aspects when working with Sylius.

The day started for me with a session by Jakub Tobiasz covering Twig Events (formerly Sylius events). When I first came in contact with the Sylius Twig event system, I was not sure whether I should like it or not. When I started customizing the storefont a bit more, I realized how powerful and yet simple & easy it is to work with Twig Events. In his session Jakub showed us his work on Sylius 2.0 and how things will change a bit to have a more flexible and re-usable structure for Twig events.

My highlight of the day was the talk by Loïc Frémont. Loïc gave a good overview of Sylius' Resource & Grid bundles. Thanks to both bundles, building admin UIs is a trivial task that "just" requires a bit of configuration. I like the move to the annotation-based approach for the configuration, as it looks a lot simpler than editing YAML files. If you want to use these features in your own application without relying on Sylius e-commerce features, use the Monofony project. Building admin UIs has never been easier.

The last session I attended before lunch was Przemysław Ptasiński's presentation about their Magento 1 to Sylius migration project for the fashion retailer Mytheresa. The migration was a bigger effort due to many moving parts, but it was positive proof that Sylius can be used in large-scale environments. Thanks to the flexibility of Sylius' architecture, it was easy for them to swap out certain default implementations in Sylius to match the customer's requirements.

After lunch, I attended Jacques Bodin-Hullin's session on how to get Sylius from zero to production in less than 30 minutes. I haven't seen Jacques for quite some years, and it was good to see him again and learn from his insights about switching from Magento to Sylius as their e-commerce platform for their projects and learning about their development processes & tools.

All in all, SyliusCon was a superb event. Great organization, a good line-up, good food & beer, and a lot of interesting discussions about various topics. I cannot wait to attend (or speak) at SyliusCon 2024 :)

SyliusCon 2023 Opening