Running Magento 2 API tests via Postman

Running Magento 2 API tests via Postman

In a current Magento 2 project we are focussing on building a headless instance that communicates with a kind of PWA application. In such an environment testing the APIs via Postman makes sense and since the Magento 2 API is documented via Swagger, one can easily import the API definition into Postman. Here is how to do it with httpie:

If you haven't installed httpie either install it via your system's package manager or via pip:

pip install --upgrade httpie

First of all, we need to get an admin token from Magento 2 by firing the command below against the Magento 2 backend:

http POST http://m2.loc/index.php/rest/V1/integration/admin/token 
    username=admin password=admin123

The response of the command above contains the session token that we need to send as Bearer token when requesting the swagger schema:

http --print=b POST http://m2.loc/index.php/rest/default/schema 
    Authorization:"Bearer 6spm5t6dhsljkhgv4wrjmt05eys2v1ot" > 

Simply import the magento2.api.schema.json file into Postman and you should be able to see all possible API calls.

In case you want to automatically run API tests against the Magento 2 API, you can use newman a command-line collection runner for Postman. Install newman via npm like this:

npm install -g newman

Create a collection of API tests in Postman and export the collection. To run the collection use the following command:

newman run m2_collection.json

As output you will get an overview like this:

│                         │ executed │   failed │
│              iterations │        1 │        0 │
│                requests │        2 │        0 │
│            test-scripts │        0 │        0 │
│      prerequest-scripts │        0 │        0 │                                                                                                                                            
│              assertions │        0 │        0 │                                                                                                                                            
│ total run duration: 245ms                     │
│ total data received: 1.7KB (approx)           │
│ average response time: 87ms                   │

For a more in-depth overview on what you can do with newman, check out the newman documentation.

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