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Introducing Gally at phpugrhh24

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

On the 10th of January, the PHPUG Rheinhessen meetup will reboot their meetup and meet again in Mainz at the e3n office.

PHP meetups are important to me, and when the organizers of the PHPUG Rheinhessen meetup reached out to ask if I could give a talk at their meetup, I instantly said yes. As always.

In my talk, I will introduce the audience to Gally - a searchandising solution built on top of Symfony, API Platform, and Elasticsearch. While the talk is focused on the e-commerce use case, you can also use Gally for non-e-commerce solutions, which makes the solution super flexible. You should not miss the talk if you wonder why I am a big Gally fan!

Sign up here if you want to attend the meetup. Looking forward to seeing you in Mainz!