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PHP-Usergroup Münster Meetup 01/23

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of IT Business Operations

The organizers of the PHP-Usergroup Münster are rebooting their in-person meetups again and invited me to speak at their meetup on the 26th of January 2023.

If you are located in Münster or close by, feel free to pop over and join us for an awesome meetup. I've been there a few times and always enjoyed it :)

If you haven't already seen my "How good are my tests?" talk, this might be your final chance of doing so as I am thinking of retiring this talk soonish. The talk will give you some insights on how to figure out if your test cases (unittests, e2e tests, ...) are good or not. If you have ever wondered how to do that, this talk is for you.

Looking forward to meeting you at the meetup in Münster!