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Magento Unconference 2022 Feedback

· 3 min read
Sebastian Kull
Magento & PHP Developer

Finally, an offline conference again and then my first Magento UC in Cologne. It was again organized by FireGento e.V. and moderated by Fabian Blechschmidt and Rico Neitzel.

(First day)

While talking to the different colleagues from the Magento world, slips of paper were handed out to collect the presentations for the respective day. After a short presentation of the topics, a vote was taken and the timeline for today was created.

When the talks were set, the day started directly with a very important topic for the Magento world and that was about Magento Open Source and what it needs to be successful, what our expectations are as developers, as well as the plans for the next months and years. Moderated by Vinai Kopp and Benno Lippert.

After a short break, we went straight on to the next very interesting topic. Namely about Magento Indexers and how they work, are built, and what is possible with them. Moderated by Christian Münch.

After the lunch break with very tasty food, we went again to the next presentation, in which Fabian Schmengler presented the innovations from Magento 2.4.5, whereby it was mainly about the new annotations for the integration tests and Jisse Reitsma showed tips and tricks on how to shorten the runtime of the integration tests.

After another coffee break, the best presentation for me started and was about the new Hyvä Checkout, with a tech demo for Magewire, presented by Willem Poortman. With the Hyvä Checkout, or rather through Magewire, working on the Magento Checkout can become so much easier and faster that I can't wait until it is released.

After the last presentation and a few hours break, the FireGento company party, or "After Show Party" started at the Rheinterrassen restaurant. Again, a very tasty buffet, lots of drinks, and great conversations with Magento colleagues awaited us.

(Second day)

The next day started again with collecting topics and a short presentation of them.

After voting and creating the timetable, the first talk was the first one, which had nothing to do with Magento, but was still just as exciting and important. Accessibility in video games. This was a short introduction to what you should pay attention to as a game developer and which game manufacturers are already doing a very good job, or what possibilities already exist today to make it possible for everyone to experience video games.

After the coffee break, we went back to the important topic for developers, how to release games without delay. Here we heard a lot of interesting suggestions and workflows from other colleagues before Jens Richter presented the best workflow for them.

After the lunch break, the last lecture started for us, because we had only a limited choice of trains for the return journey due to the Marathon in Cologne.

The talk on how to display store information in the frontend with ease by Sean van Zuidam was about the presentation and functionality of a custom-developed module on how to display information from the Magento configuration in the frontend in a very simple and straightforward way.

*** (Conclusion) ***

Super event with many great suggestions and topics.

Special thanks for the great organization in the background.

Especially advantageous was the childcare to allow other colleagues to participate. Many thanks to all organizers and sponsors who made this event possible.