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Let's talk about Intrexx (Part 2)

· 3 min read

An interview about the work of a Senior Intrexx project manager

Today we talk with our Senior Intrexx project manager Theodor Barca about the different areas that Intrexx can cover in a company, about the limits of this technology, and about the daily work of an Intrexx project manager. He will tell us how he first heard about this application and how it has steadily enriched his team's customer projects and workflow.

Hello Theodor, great to talk to you about Intrexx today.

1. When did you first hear about Intrexx?

I first heard about Intrexx when I joined bitExpert, and my first impression was that it was a very interesting and useful technology. I heard about it but didn't work with it at first. I really wanted to try it out and see if the things I heard, which were usually marketing materials, were good in practice.

2. What are the benefits using Intrexx for a company?

In my opinion, Intrexx is the development platform of the future, especially for business-to-business and enterprise customers. Why is that? Because you can achieve, let's say, over 90% of business needs and goals with relatively little effort, while ensuring high availability and performance.

3. What can be achieved commercially with Intrexx?

Basically, the development effort is reduced to 25% of the original development effort. The quality assurance for this is reduced to less than 25%. This reduction means a very fast time to market and an extremely low rate of post-launch problems. As you know, with traditional development, there can be a rollout to production and then a stabilization phase where you know you're going to have some additional issues that you didn't see in QA, etc. All of these phases and efforts, of course, cost money for the company and the customer, which can be decreased by these reductions.

4. How does Intrexx support sales?

I would say that it is a quick proof of concept of our professionalism and also demonstrates to the customer quite fast what the journey of being a bitExpert customer is about.

5. Are there any challenges and learnings working with Intrexx?

Yes, of course. As with any technology, there are challenges. You have to understand the limits of the technology. As I've already told you, over 90% of business requirements can be met with Intrexx, but that means there is a residual 10% where Intrexx is not useful. For example, think of construction planning, think of machine planning, and designs, and so on. You can't do that with Intrexx.

6. How does Intrexx improve customer projects and their end results?

We are in a constantly changing business environment and market, so digitization needs to happen as quickly as possible to support businesses. Usually, digitization saves costs and mitigates problems or potential risks during and after the project is completed. Intrexx, as mentioned earlier, has a very fast time-to-market to support the customer, and it helps by automating processes in an effective way. For example, our customer Breuer Stahlhandel started with a CRM discussion and now wants to digitize their entire business with Intrexx.

7. What activities/tasks motivate you at your current job?

I am a result-oriented person, so results and achievements motivate me. That means both personal successes and company or project successes, and as you know, I'm a tribe lead as well so I'm motivated by the team and its goals too.

Thank you for this great interview, Theodor!

We wish you lots of fun and success in your work with Intrexx.