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Let’s talk about easyCRM

· 4 min read

easyCRM is our newest cloud solution for customer data. With #easyCRM, everything revolves around your customers. It gets you started in #marketing, #sales, and #service, and helps you identify potential customers and plan activities. At the same time, your #customerdata can be maintained and serviced simultaneously in the system by all employees at any time. We took this opportunity to talk about this application with our project owner, Theodor Barca.

1. Hello Theodor, how did the idea of easyCRM come about?

So basically we are a small to medium company and there are a lot of CRM solutions out there targeted at big companies and that requires big or upfront consultancy fees to tailor the CRM solution according to your company. We have decided to do our own easy CRM, also as being a small to medium company. We don't have a big sales department that will work full-time with a CRM and do the updates and so on. So we want something easy to use for our business and we went with this idea to help other businesses grow as well.

2. What do you like most about easyCRM?

It's quick, it's fast, it's easy to use, and you have all the data in one place. You don't have to care as much because you have all the data in a central location and can access it from your computer, from your mobile device from wherever you are to make a quick update. So I believe that is the perfect tool for all situations.

3. What is your favorite feature and why?

Adding leads and managing the leads is my favorite feature because that is part of my business and of course one thing, I do not like to spend extensive time on adding a new lead. In easyCRM I can do it with a few clicks and a few attributes.

4. How does easyCRM help our customers with their data management?

This is not a bespoke legacy application that can be used and so on. This is Intrexx. It is a standardized platform that can be extended with other tools or can be exported into data warehouses depending on the customer profile. For example, we have a customer that has a project to digitalize all their production. They have a more complex CRM based on their industry, but then they are going with Intrexx through all their production process and cycles.

5. How does easyCRM help with Sales?

As head of business development in bitExpert, one of my topics is for sure sales. The idea in sales is that you have a lot of discussions, a lot of leads, and a lot of ideas. If you don't have a central location in which you should add, manage and track that information, all the information will be lost. So easyCRM for me is quite simple. I just enter the topics of the discussion and I enter the actions. I have my dashboard where I see my assigned actions and I'll just have to complete them. So basically the customers are very satisfied with the cooperation with bitExpert and at the end of the day a satisfied customer is a customer that would buy from your business.

6. Would you like to add something to this topic?

What I didn't mention is the forecasting feature because on the one hand side I've mentioned day-to-day working on the CRM and so on. But when you have a sales team, you want to measure that sales team and you want to measure the results and nevertheless, the stakeholders of the company would like to see the results. So is easyCRM has a reporting and forecasting feature in which the stakeholders could see the results of their sales. In just a few clicks the sales could report something to the stakeholders. Basically, we can do a forecast and the level of the salesperson or we can have a general forecast per company. It's quite fast, and the forecast of course is helpful too. To tell the future is something we all want from time to time.

Thank you for this great interview, Theodor!

This was very insightful.