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Force Login Module v2.3 for Magento 2

· One min read
Florian Horn
Business Analyst Digital Sales

We released version 2.3 of our Force Login Module for Magento 2 which brings some requested features and fixes, here are the highlights of the current release:

  • The module now supports error pages (e.g. page url does not exist), now showing the error page instead of redirecting to the login page

  • Previously, observers were used to lookup if a visitor needed to be forced to login. Now, the module uses the core routing chain with a custom routing component. This is a break with backwards compatibility, if you had plugins enabled related to the observers.

  • Some fixes to increase the support of Magento 2.2

You can fetch the latest version here or go to the official marketplace of Magento 2 and get your update right from Magento Marketplace once approved.