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API Platform Conference 2021

· 2 min read
Jan Sorgalla

Two weeks ago the bitExpert PHP team participated in the first API Platform Conference as part of our Learn&Grow initiative. Having built a number of projects based on the API Platform components already, we were keen to get the latest insights and learn from the core team about upcoming features.

The conference dedicated to API Platform and its ecosystem was held both as an online and on-site event in Lille, France. We participated online in the English-speaking track which had quite a packed schedule of 9 talks throughout the day. The talks had a good balance between being technical, more general API-related, and also covering topics from the API ecosystem.

The most interesting talks were:

Opening Keynote: The future of API (Platform) architecture
Kevin Dunglas, creator of API Platform, how he got started developing API Platform and also gave an outlook about how he envisions the architecture of API Platform in the future.

The journey towards API Platform 3
Antoine Bluchet from the API Platform Core Team gave an overview of the changes and new features that will come with the upcoming Version 3 of API Platform. He explained the thought process, the issues they encountered, and how API Platform attempts to organize everything to bring their users a clean and pleasant upgrade process.

API Horror Stories from an Unnamed Coworking Company
The talk held by Phil Sturgeon was a really funny and entertaining journey full of hilarious stories about what an unnamed company had done wrong with their APIs and how he helped them to solve their problems.

Symfony Runtime: wrapping API Platform in a lambda
Nicolas Grekas, member of the Symfony core team, presented the new Runtime Component for Symfony. Not really related to API Platform, but very interesting nonetheless.