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How to use the Technology Radar


As a development and technology company, bitExpert AG continuously seeks out new technologies, questions established methods, and tracks valuable innovations to stay competitive.

The Tech Radar showcases new and notable technologies, such as languages, frameworks, tools, patterns, and platforms. It does not cover all established technologies but focuses on items that have gained significance or undergone changes.

How should it be used

The Tech Radar provides an overview of current technologies that we believe everyone in our teams should be aware of. Its purpose is to guide and inspire daily work, offer valuable information, and provide a high-level perspective to help make more informed decisions.

We hope that our technology overview will also be useful for developers outside of bitExpert AG.

Items are categorized into four quadrants, and if it's not clear where an item belongs, we choose the best fit.

The quadrants are:

  • Languages & Frameworks: This category includes programming languages and frameworks like Spring or Symfony. These are useful for building custom software with unique features.
  • Tools: This section covers a range of software tools, from small utilities to more extensive projects.
  • Methods & Patterns: Patterns are timeless and hold great significance in software development. This category provides information on methods and patterns related to development, continuous integration, testing, organization, architecture, and more.
  • Platforms & Operations: This quadrant groups technologies related to the operation of software, infrastructure, and platform-related tools and services.

Each of the items is classified in one of these rings:

  • Adopt: We highly recommend this technology. It has been extensively used in our projects and has proven stable and useful.
  • Trial: We have successfully implemented this technology and suggest taking a closer look at it in this category. The aim here is to scrutinize these items more closely with the intention of elevating them to the 'Adopt' level.
  • Assess: We have experimented with this technology and find it promising. We recommend exploring these items when you encounter a specific need for the technology in your project.
  • Hold: Unlike the others, this advises discontinuing or refraining from using certain technologies because we believe they should no longer be employed. We have identified better options or alternatives.