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· 3 min read
Daniel Ruf

In a few React.js projects, we have huge JSON files, which are used for the filterable data in the frontend. To keep the frontend fast we decided on creating a small standalone API.

· 2 min read
Daniel Ruf

Sometimes we get data from customers as Excel files. These are then converted to JSON files to be able to be processed further. In the past, this was often a cumbersome task with many manual steps. With SQLite, we made this much easier and reduced the number of needed steps.

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· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

Simply put, error 1062 is caused when MySQL finds a DUPLICATE of a row you are trying to insert. I sometimes hit this error when importing database dumps of applications that have been in production for a long time. The “fix” is easy: Find the duplicate data and delete it. Depending on your database structure it might not be that easy though. I that case, I configure MySQL to ignore those errors, for local development I find that approach acceptable. For dockerized setups, you can pass a “sql_mode” flag to the container which then will be interpreted by the MySQL server during startup. The docker-compose configuration that works for me looks like this: