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· 2 min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

I recently covered our Vagrant setup. As mentioned in the blog post we mostly use the Vagrant shared folders setup which unfortunately is rather slow. When searching for alternatives I came across the vagrant-gatling-rsync plugin which seems to work better compared to the built-in rsync support of Vagrant. As it seems the built-in rsync support uses a lot of CPU and disk I/O especially when working with very large rsynced directories. The vagrant-gatling-rsync plugin is designed to work well with such large rsynced folders and performs a lot better. In addition to that you are able to fine-tune the rsync latency via your Vagrantfile which is also a huge win. To install the plugin simply run the following command:

· 3 min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

There's one plugin for Vagrant which I love to promote in my talks and this is the Cachier plugin. When giving my talks and mentioning the plugin I realized that not many people are aware of the plugin. That's the main reason I write the following lines. The downside of Vagrant is what whenever you destroy a virtual machine and build it again all packages (eg. .deb packages for the OS or Composer packages for the application) need to be downloaded again. Downloading and installing a lot of packages can be quite time consuming which in turn means developers try to avoid it. Which in turn means no one regularly checks if provisioning of the virtual machine still works as it should. The Cachier plugin is the solution for that problem. As the name implies the plugin will cache the downloaded packages and re-use them when possible. To achieve that the plugin will link several folders of the virtual machine back to the host, so that the packages are actually stored on the host, not the vm. Very clever.

· One min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

Every now and then when provisioning a virtual machine with Vagrant I got an error during the provisioning process. Everything seemed to work fine but the error confused me and my developers so I was looking for the source of the error. I came a across a Vagrant bug report where Mitchell Hashimoto explained that "the reason this error message even appears is due to a bug in Ubuntu not checking whether stdin is a TTY, and just assuming it is". One of the comments in the discussion of this "bug" proposed a "bugfix" by adding the following line to the VagrantFile. Up to now this fix works fine for us and you might use it as well: