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· 2 min read
Daniel Ruf

In our daily life as developers, we often do code reviews for changes by the other team members in projects. Until a few months ago the feedback was in pure text form and has often led to longer feedback loops because the intention of the written feedback was not always clear enough. Additionally, it was not directly visible, if there were any blockers, which would have to be resolved before the changes could be merged.

· 5 min read
Stephan Hochdörfer

For a long time, we've been successfully using Apache and mod_authnz_ldap to secure some of our legacy applications. Our employees could easily log in via their LDAP credentials. And while it worked, it had its problems.

When we made the move to Office 365, it was clear that at some point our old LDAP infrastructure will be fully replaced with Azure Active Directory (AAD) but I haven't had a good replacement for our simple mod_authnz_ldap solution until I realized that Traefik EE comes with an OIDC middleware.

· One min read

Ever wondered about our favorite tools to work with, our awesome bitExpert customers & partners, or the organizations that we support? Look no further.

#24bits means 24 fun & inspiring posts for the next 24 days covering all the things that are important to us. We are pretty sure there will be some surprises for you even if you think you already know us well :)

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