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API Platform Conference 2021

Two weeks ago the bitExpert PHP team participated in the first API Platform Conference as part of our Learn&Grow initiative. Having built a number of projects based on the API Platform components already, we were keen to get the latest insights and learn from the core team about upcoming features.

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Eintrag von Jan Sorgalla am 23.09.2021

Symfony Usergroup Frankfurt

Am Donnerstag den 26.11.2015 trifft sich die Symfony Usergroup Frankfurt zum ersten Mal bei der Cocomore AG in Frankfurt. Ich freue mich dabei zu sein und werde meinen Vortrag "Composer im Unternehmensalltag" zu präsentieren.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 02.11.2015

Silex, Twig and Translation support

As I have written a couple of days ago, we are using Silex and Twig to build a small of for one of our customers. Since the project was in need of I18N support, we set up the TranslationServiceProvider with the Symfony/Translation component as the Silex documentation advised. Unfortunately I was not able to find a Twig extension allowing us to translate static content within a Twig template, so it was the time to jump in and develop an extension on my own and publish it on github. Simply drop the files in your vendors directory and include the lib/bitExpert/Silex/Autoloader.php file within your application and execute the steps listed below:

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 07.03.2012

Silex and the TranslationServiceProvider and some Composer magic

First time I am toying with Silex and the Symfony components. To demo an application for one of our customers we quickly set-up Silex and put a small application on top. Since the application was in need for a I18N solution I threw in the TranslationServiceProvider. The documentation of Silex states that "you can simply clone the whole Symfony2 into vendor" which did not make any sense to me. Why using a micro-framework when I have to have Symfony2 installed just for the translation part? I was looking for a alternative and remembered Composer. Composer is a tool written in PHP that helps you manage your project or libraries' dependencies. Luckily the Symfony2 components are using Composer so we can easily install the required dependencies like this:

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 01.03.2012

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