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How to setup a test environment with Postman / Newman

Postman is a tool for API development and testing. In one of our recent projects, we decided to use Newman as our testing cli. In this blog post you can read more about our setup, what this setup is able to do, and - most important - what it's not able to do!

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Eintrag von Hagen Morano am 09.06.2020

Running Magento 2 API tests via Postman

In a current Magento 2 project we are focussing on building a headless instance that communicates with a kind of PWA application. In such an environment testing the APIs via Postman makes sense and since the Magento 2 API is documented via Swagger, one can easily import the API definition into Postman. Here is how to do it with httpie:

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 10.05.2018

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