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Announcing Pathfinder v0.4.0

In our attempt to convert parts of our own internal company framework into a set of open-source components we did not find a routing package that was fully PSR-7 compatible and was able to also generate uris based on the routing definitions. Initially the routing component was part of our Adroit middleware, a middleware focused on PSR-7 as well as the ADR pattern. During our attempt to turn Adroit into a (micro) web framework called Adrenaline we also extracted the routing component into a separate package.

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Eintrag von Peter Hildenbrand am 07.07.2016

In-depth Disco introduction

One problem with releasing open-source components is that code is not the only thing you should care about. Without a decent documentation no one is able to use your component. Sad to say we are guilty as well, e.g. the documentation for Disco our annotation-based PHP Dependency Injection container lacks in in-depth documentation.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 03.07.2016


Am 31.05.2016 trifft sich die PHP Usergroup Rheinhessen zum 41. Mal. Ich freue mich nach langer Abwesenheit wieder einmal dabei sein zu können und meinen Vortrag "Microservices: Klein, aber oho!" präsentieren zu dürfen.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 14.05.2016

Magento 2 Compile Issue "No tokens were provided"

If you run the command:

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Eintrag von Florian Horn am 23.03.2016


Ich folge der Einladung der PHP Usergroup Münster und werde beim nächsten Treffen der Usergroup am 19.04.2016 meinen Vortrag "Microservices: Klein, aber oho!" präsentieren.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 21.03.2016

Sending mails with attachments in Magento 2

The Magento 2 Transport Builder, responsible for preparing a mail message, wraps the mail component of the Zend Framework. Unfortunatly it is missing a method to add attachments. I submitted a Pull Request to Magento 2 to fix the issue but for now we need a work-a-round in our project. First we extend the Magento 2 Transport Builder like this:

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Eintrag von Florian Horn am 17.03.2016


Am Donnerstag den 24.03.2016 trifft sich die PHP Usergroup Frankfurt. In meinem Vortrag "Jenkins for PHP projects" werde ich beleuchten wie sich Jenkins für PHP Projekte nutzen lässt, welche Jenkins Plugins wir gerne verwenden und was es generell beim Einsatz von Jenkins zu beachten gilt.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 16.03.2016

Dutch PHP Conference 2016

Vom 23.06.2016 bis zum 25.06.2016 findet bereits zum 10. Mail in Amsterdam die Dutch PHP Conference statt. Ich freue mich zum siebten Mal in Folge dabei sein zu können und meinen Vortrag "Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!" präsentieren zu dürfen.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 15.03.2016

Disco v0.2.0 is out

Last week when I was in Miami to speak at the SunshinePHP 2016 conference I took the time to prepare the version 0.2.0 release of our PHP DI container called Disco. This release features 2 important changes which I want to highlight in this blog post.

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 13.02.2016

Increase the Speed of Reading XLSX Files

A few month ago, I wrote an article about some PHPExcel performance tweaks. Sadly we encountered some nasty memory exhaustion issues while reading big XLSX files with PHPExcel. The issues does not occur directly in PHPExcel, furthermore the current PHP process is killed in the SimpleXML/LibXml library execution silently, without any exception or error notification.

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Eintrag von Florian Horn am 06.01.2016

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