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The sticky ranch

We are running Rancher in combination with the in-built load balancer HAProxy. For each of our customers, our application is provided as a single container, many on the same physical server instance. Each of the customers' applications can be accessed via different URLs, so the usage of the HAProxy as the routing component part of the load balancer makes sense.

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Eintrag von Florian Horn am 14.08.2017

Running a private Docker registry with Nexus 3

For quite a while I am looking for a private Docker registry server which is easy to set-up and fairly trivial to run in our IT infrastructure, e.g. being able to connect to our central LDAP server for user management. A few months back I realized that the next major version of Nexus will be able to host docker images. Since we already have a nexus instance running this seemed like a natural fit for us. Finally I found some time to play with the current M7 release which already offers the docker registry feature. 

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 06.05.2016

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