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Composer, Bower and HTTP Basic Auth

A couple of months ago when we set-up our own internal Satis repository to host our custom Composer packages. We ran into an "unpleasant" issue with Composer that had this PR as an result. To sum things up: We are using HTTP Basic Auth to password-project our Satis repository. There was no way we could switch to an SSL client certificate to allow Composer to authenticate itself automatically without asking for a password. Asking for the password on a developer`s machine is no big thing, but it since we need an automated Composer run in our Jenkins environment, there was no way to set things up. Unfortunately the PR is not yet merged in master so we were in need to find a different solution. Luckily my friend Joshua Thijssen pointed me to a tool named expect which could solve this issue easily. Expect is a tool that "talks to other interactive programs according to a script." which sounds pretty awesome and yes it is ;)

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Eintrag von Stephan Hochdörfer am 09.12.2013

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