Defining Phing Tasks in PSR-0 style

Before anybody complains: I know that "as of 2014-10-21 PSR-0 has been marked as deprecated. PSR-4 is now recommended as an alternative." - Anyway I still think this little gem makes sense to be shared because a lot of people are probably not aware of it. I recently found out by accident that it is possible pass a task name in PSR-0 style to the "taskdef" task. In the old days you had to use the Java-like dot-style notation like this and also define the classpath to make sure the class could be loaded correctly:

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Environment specific configuration for an AngularJS application

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my experiment with Grails and AngularJS. When I deployed the application "in production" I realized that I needed to change the Urls for accessing the Grails backend. In development mode Grails is running in an own Tomcat instance on a different port, while in production the Grails backend and the AngularJS frontend application are both served from the same Tomcat instance. In fact, both parts get exported to one .war file. After a bit of research I came across the grunt-ng-constant task which is named to be a "plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant modules". Sounds like what I needed ;)

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Configure reveal.js to launch browser

For more than 1,5 years I rely on reveal.js for my presentations and so far the setup works quite fine for me. However there was one thing which I wanted to change: After launching the built-in webserver via Grunt I needed to launch my browser (Chrome) manually. To sharpen my Grunt skills I went out to find a solution. In the end it turned out to be rather simple ;) - I came across the grunt-open package which allows us to "open urls and files from a grunt task". This is how I set things up:

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Creating a Grails backend for an AngularJS app

Recently I wanted to dig a bit into Grails which is a full stack web application framework for the JVM. Grails "takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience".

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PHP UK 2015 Konferenz

Vom 19.02.2015 bis zum 20.02.2015 findet in London die PHP UK 2015 Konferenz statt. Die Veranstaltung wird in diesem Jahr zum 10. Mal in Folge ausgerichtet. Ich freue mich als Sprecher dabei sein zu können und meinem Vortrag "The NoSQL Store everyone ignores: PostgreSQL" präsentieren zu dürfen.

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PHPBenelux 2015 Konferenz

Vom 23.01.2015 bis zum 24.01.2015 findet in Antwerpen bereits zum sechsten Mal in Folge die phpBenelux Konferenz statt. Ich freue mich als Sprecher mit meinem Vortrag "Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!" dabei sein zu dürfen.

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JavaLand 2015

Vom 24.03.2015 bis zum 25.03.2015 findet im Phantasialand, Brühl zum zweiten Mal die Konferenz JavaLand 2015 statt. Die Konferenz gilt als das "Event der Java-Community für die Java-Community". Ich freue mich dabei sein zu dürfen und meinen Vortrag "PostgreSQL: Die NoSQL Datenbank die niemand kennt" präsentieren zu können. Mit dem Vortrag werde ich aufzeigen wie man PostgreSQL als NoSQL Datenbank einsetzen kann und erörten warum dies in bestimmten Situationen durchaus Sinn machen kann.

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Security Checker Phing Task

About a year and a half ago Fabien Potencier announced the PHP Security Advisories Database initiative. Part of the initiative the SensioLabs Security Advisories Checker (beta) website came to life. The website and the api behind it makes it very easy to check your composer.lock file for dependencies which "have issues". Either upload your composer.lock file to the website or use the CLI tool to communicate with the api directly. About 2 weeks ago Fabien took the next step forward and announced that the Security Advisories Database is distributed as public domain and as such can now be "controlled" by the community.

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Eclipse segfaults on Kubuntu 14.04

I recently made a mistake. I upgraded Kubuntu to the latest version. At first glance everything looked fine, however I quickly realized that something went wrong when I tried to use Eclipse. Opening some dialogs made Eclipse segfault. Reinstalling Eclipse did not work so I took the route to the Eclipse bugtracker and found bug #440660. As it seems the Oxygen GTK theme which is used by KDE to make GTK application "look nice" is incompatible with the Eclipse SWT library. Swichting to another GTK theme was not an option. Luckily the bug report shows a work-a-round to fix the problem:

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